Atlanta, Georgia – Killer Mike has been a Bernie Sanders guy since the outset of this long election campaign, but he has also made it clear that he doesn’t share Sanders’ intention to vote for Hillary Clinton.

The Run The Jewels boss man has been openly critical of both the Republican and Democratic nominees over the past year, and it seemed as though an Instagram post on Friday may have been instructing black voters to stay at home on Election Day altogether.

Killer Mike had originally posted a note to Instagram instructing black voters to ignore anyone asking for their vote who “offers nothing by way of jobs, weed decriminalization, federal prosecution of killer cops, qualified black men and women on the Supreme Couty and land grants for black farmers.”

Realizing that this might be construed as a suggest that voters shouldn’t exercise their franchise at all, Killer Mike posted a video clearing up his exact meaning.

“I’m voting locally,” he clarified for the “stupid, manipulators and unintelligent” social media users. “You should vote locally. When you got to that booth, who are your prosecutors, who are your judges, who’s handling sanitation, who are your senators?”

“Get out and vote. I’m just saying when you vote, ask for something back. The day after have your hat out saying ‘this is what my community needs.'”

Killer Mike closed with “Take marijuana off Schedule 1, it’ll save black people from going to jail.”

While Killer Mike certainly hasn’t shown a preference for either candidate, he did give a hint about how he thinks Tuesday night is going to go, including the hashtag “HillaryIsGonnaWinImSure.”