Miami, FL – Trick Daddy sure knows how to make for a sensational headline and it’s never for the music.

While riding around in his car through the streets of Miami, the self-proclaimed “KingDingaLing” sent an explicit warning to women of color (or at least the ones he perceives to have looser morals) that they have some serious competition in their Latina and white counterparts.

According to Trick’s pimp expertise, if they don’t get their act together, the ramifications of their slackness could be stiff. As in, there won’t be any men around to keep them company.

“These Spanish, these white hoes, they just started getting finer than a muthafucka,” the 43-year-old semi-retired rap star told his 325,000 Instagram followers. “Y’all black hoes better tighten up. I’m telling you, tighten up. Y’all doing all that extra shit for nothing. You not achieving nothing, bitch. You get y’all ass done, ya titties done; ya paying $150 to get your makeup done just to go to a local club, bitch. Tighten up, hoe. These Spanish and these white hoes getting very spiffy on y’all.”

It was then the man who once told the world they didn’t “know nann” dropped the ultimate bombshell.

“They fuck around and learn how to fry chicken, you [black] hoes is useless.”

Good. Grief.

That being said, anyone who’s surprised over TDD’s inflammatory racist and sexist comments probably shouldn’t be. It’s been more than two years since he’s had any sort of musical output and more than five since it came in the form of a studio album. Back in June of this year, he all but proved social media wasn’t his friend when he completely went apeshit on a Facebook Live user after he didn’t like her attitude.

The backlash for this latest rant is already piling up in his mentions but it’s highly doubtful he’ll lose sleep over it.

During the Facebook tirade, he was heard roaring “I can say what I want, when I want” and a couple of months probably didn’t change that sentiment.