A few weeks ago, Pusha T dropped “Circles” featuring Ty Dolla $ign & Desiigner, building anticipation for his upcoming King Push album.

The track’s hook, sung by $ign, uses a clever interpretation of Lil Ronny’s 2013 viral hit  “Circle (Throw Dat Ass in a Circle).” Released in 2013, “Circle” enjoyed nearly eight million streams on YouTube and became a short-lived viral sensation before the official video was released in August of last year.

According to Lil Ronny MothaF (real name Ronny Wright Jr.), he’s just happy to inspire other artists.

“I know for a fact that term has never been said before I did,” he explained. “It was only one place from where it could come from.”

Speaking with HipHopDX, the Dallas-based rapper also said those involved in the creation of “Circles” failed to reach out for permission.

“Naw, I didn’t get contacted or my label Dirty Water Music Group,” he said. “Nobody reached out.”

When asked whether he’d pursue anyone legally, Lil Ronny replied with “no comment.”

Everyone involved from Pusha T to label Def Jam could potentially be held responsible under the law. Using Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk” featuring Bruno Mars as an example, Trinidad James was credited as a songwriter on the Grammy Award-winning hit single due to the use of his “Don’t believe me just watch” hook from “All Gold Everything.” Owning eight percent of its total earnings, the Atlanta rapper made a reported $150,000 in royalty earnings as of early 2015.

In the meantime, Lil Ronny is continuing to release music and tour around the southern region of the United States. More recently, he released his From the Ground Up EP in June featuring bubbling single “New Years Resolution” and hopes to release another project soon.

DX reached out to Def Jam for comment and is waiting for a response.