Los Angeles, CA – In an interview with Unique Access Entertainment, Big Tray Deee explains why he chose to touch on the scathing issue of mass incarceration plaguing the Black community on a track called “This World,” from his latest project, The 3rd Coming.

“Basically, I am touching on a lot of subjects that Black people are dealing with today with mass incarceration and complications of being employed,” Tha Eastsidaz member says. “Their focus has been more on the flaws aspect of things as opposed to longevity, setting yourself up for tomorrow and being able to provide for your progeny beyond just you having a nice car and a house. What about your children? What about their children? What are you really trying to set up and leave as a legacy besides your music?”

Tray Deee is speaking from his own experiences and those of people he knows. Mass incarceration of Blacks and Hispanics has been a long-time issue in America since the “War on Drugs,” which disproportionately dished out harsh sentences to those in the Black and hippie communities to disrupt their movements, was employed by President Nixon in 1971. Now, about 25% of the world’s prison population is in the United States despite there being only 5% of people on the planet calling America home.

Prison is an $8 billion for-profit system that many companies and public figures, including sports legend Michael Jordan, have reportedly invested in.

Although Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has a desire to phase out the system, she has not been opposed to accepting money from the prison lobbyists who fully support her. She received $133,246 this year alone, reports VICE and after being pressured, she pledged to stop accepting money from prisons and says she will donate the money to charity.

It’s a stark issue that fellow Hip Hop artists such as Talib Kweli, Kanye West and Glasses Malone have been extremely vocal about.

The 3rd Coming is Tray Deee‘s first commercial release since 2002’s General’s List. Snoop Dogg, DJ Quik, Xzibit, Problem, KXNG CROOKED and The Outlawz are among few who are featured on the tape, including the O.T. Genasis and Coniyac on “Moved Up.” 

“Good music is really combining flavors,” he says, noting he likes making features natural instead of keeping up with trends.

Watch the full interview with Big Tray Deee on Unique Access above and stream Big Tray Deee’s The 3rd Coming below.