In what might easily be a first, Jeezy has compared presidential candidate Donald Trump to Tupac Shakur.

The Atlanta rapper made the comparison while offering up his thoughts on the current presidential election during the Tax Season podcast. He went on to state that if the real estate tycoon-turned-politician were a rapper he’d be Tupac.

Jeezy also divulged that he “can’t help but laugh” at the election.

“You look at the election now and see all the bullshit that’s going on now,” Jeezy said in the clip. “You can’t help but laugh. You got Donald Trump in there. And I tell niggas, man. That nigga is cold, man. If he was a rapper right now, he’d be Tupac. I’m not gonna knock the man and say he’s not a good businessman. We all understand that, but he’s not fuckin’ presidential material. He doesn’t have and practice the same morals that people have when they in those positions of power.”

Jeezy serves as one of a number of Hip Hoppers who have blasted Trump ever since he expressed interest in running for president.

In July of last year, the Southern wordsmith called out the “friend” of Puff’s for making “a mockery of the presidential candidacy.”

“He’s just making a mockery of the presidential candidacy to help build his personal brand,” the rapper tweeted. “Our latino brothers and sisters are a big part of this country and shouldn’t be used as your agenda.”

Listen to Jeezy on Taxstone’s Tax Season podcast below.