Cleveland, OH – If Paper Paulk could do anything about it, Winter 2K16 would never come, especially in the heart of his hometown of Cleveland, OH. (B-r-r-r, and we’re not talking a Gucci Mane ad-lib.)

During his recent DX Live interview, the ardent lyricist actually revealed that his new Fresh Vibe Sixteen mixtape was actually inspired by the 1994 Boaz Yakin-directed film Fresh, the street savvy, Hip Hop/hood flick that starred Samuel L. Jackson and Giancarlo Esposito well before they were billion dollar box office boys and Breaking Bad, respectively. (Two points for alliteration.)

Fresh Vibes is my soundtrack to the movie Fresh,” Paulk explained in DXHQ while adding “it’s a classic in my eyes and it really just displays the chess game to get out of poverty and it just shows you want a kid goes through and the bad choices that go with it.”

For the new mixtape, which was initially introduced by the flavorful “Summertime Grind” and “Vows,” which has arrived in a new video format as well.

Dig in for your auditory extended summer playlist down below.

Fresh Vibes Sixteen Artwork