In a prime example of when being turnt goes entirely wrong, rapper Denzel Curry fell into a women’s bathroom mid-performance.

The head-scratching incident went down as the Florida musician was performing in Knoxville, Tennessee yesterday (September 29).

Given that video of the accident has yet to surface online, the story comes from fan tweets describing the incident shortly after it went down. According to Twitter user @SturbinJohnson, the concert came to an end when Denzel fell from the ceiling and into the bathroom.

Denzel turned to Twitter to inform fans that he’s “still Alive.” He also revealed that if it hadn’t been for his dreadlocks, he likely would have been on the brink of death.

“I could of died tonight….But my dreads saved my life,” Denzel Curry wrote in a tweet sent last night.

Although his exact injuries are currently unknown, a photo uploaded to Instagram shows Denzel with a bandage wrapped around his head.


A photo posted by Ultimate Denzel Curry (@denzelcurryph) on

After informing fans that he was still alive, the rapper let loose a handful of tweets on not taking life for granted, his ability to now “do anything,” and more.

“Last night just made me realize I can do anything I’m bout to learn a lot of things so I can really be ultimate cause I should be done rn…No longer taking my career my friends family or life for granted I’m 100 percent aware that I could be dead,” he tweeted.