Fans waiting to hear Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor may have to wait even longer. The Chicago native’s debut was leaked onto the internet long before its scheduled release date.

The unmixed version of Food served a devastating blow to Fiasco, who planned to release the album in May or June.

“Lotta time and money and bullshit went into creating that album. Over the years I’ve had my people die, get locked up, my company get shut down, weak ass niggas in my own crew turn against me and just when things are starting to look good… [and] later learn that everything I worked for just got leaked all over the internet kinda had me fucked up,” he said through an online statement.

Nevertheless, the rapper managed to remain positive through the ordeal.

“Everything happens for a reason, and God wills what He wills when He wills, so I gotta take this one and keep it moving. I’m going to take some time out and refocus on some other things for a minute, maybe my sneaker and toy stuff. Eventually, God willing, get back in the studio and get back to work,” he says.

So, will it now be shelved and lost as an official release?

“I hope it doesn’t hit the streets as a bootleg, but I got this real deep feeling that it will, so I’m writing off Food & Liquor as you know it or may have heard it, and starting over. Thanks for the support and the love. Stay tuned,” he pleaded.

As Lupe mentioned, his love for toys is evident in his regular blogs on Hypebeast. Bootlegged but still kickin’, he said in his most recent entry.

His video for Kick, Push recently debuted on MTV and other networks.

“I kept the video basic so people wouldnt get overwhelmed too early…the budget was dumb small…like 6 Bape Purple Camo Hoodies on Ebay small….it’s sooooo much planned for “Food & Liquor” its disgusting…Godwilling x 40!!!” he said in a Hypebeast blog.

Now, who knows if we’ll see any more videos from the album. Aside from this leaked LP, Lupe has three installments of Farenheit 1/15 which have been big hits in the underground mixtape scene.