Chicago, IL

We’ve collectively experienced some pretty audacious social media moments as a Hip Hop community this year and it hasn’t gotten any better, in the wake of Chicago rapper King Yella getting caught up in an onslaught of bullets as he shot what he called “a Black Lives Matter” music video.

King Yella, 26, whose real name is Cemone Lewis, was said to be filming on the 6500 block of Chicago’s South Wentworth Avenue when the incident happened. His unfortunate circumstance comes after a bloody weekend in the Windy City where seven people were killed and 47 — including an 8-year-old girl — were treated for gunshot injuries.

“They tried to take me out this shit, God got me, though,” a recovering King Yella told his social media followers in between swigs of Rémy Martin as he brandished his war wounds on his arm and upper torso.

“I’m shooting a mu’fuckin’ Black Lives Matter video and muthafuckas come and shoot me. It’s cool, you know. I wish you niggas the best of luck you know, whoever you was. But guess what man, the devil be working but he can’t overcome God, you feel me? You bitch ass niggas can’t stop me, you dumb ass niggas. Right out the hospital, this shit just happened, c’mon man. It’s all good man. I ain’t gonna brag or nothing but y’all niggas…hoes! Y’all had me. You could’ve shot me right in my face, you weak ass nigga. Y’all niggas didn’t even hit my bitch, y’all hoe ass, bitch ass niggas.”

The unnamed girlfriend of King Yella also posed for the Snapchat press conference, revealing the bruises on her leg caused from being grazed by the bullets.

Chicago police told DNAinfo that shooting occurred at 6:55 p.m. on Tuesday, August 23, and appeared to be gang-related.

On cue, the Black Disciple-affiliate Twitter account Wavy_Crockett79 reposted Yella’s footage of his video being disrupting and seemingly took credit for the shooting or, at the very least, gloated at his misery.


A pair of King Yella’s more recent mixtapes, 2014’s Yella Corleone and 2013’s Yella Corleno, both feature the Chicago rapper brandishing semi-automatic firearms so his initial attempt to turn over a new leaf obviously came with resistance.

The videos of the aftermath timeline of King Yella being shot can be seen below.

Side shot I'm good I'm bout to go so hard on my grind thank u God ?? for another chance ?

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In and out my elbow I'm blessed tho ??? God got me ?

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