For Birdman, there is light at the end of the tunnel in his relationship with Lil Wayne and he says he is hopeful for reconciliation.

In an interview with Cari Champion on her Be Honest ESPN podcast, the Cash Money mogul explains his side of the story.

“I’ma heal that,” Birdman says. “Still my son. I don’t like how a lot of this shit went down. Definitely don’t like a lot of the shit he has said. But at the end of the day, I would never in my life say nothing negative about him.”

Lil Wayne has publicly blasted his father figure at recent concerts. He first made the strained relationship known on Twitter back in 2014, saying that he wanted off Cash Money. He filed a $51 million lawsuit against the label, claiming that they were holding Tha Carter V.

Even though there were glimpses of reconciliation with both appearing on Mannie Fresh’s “Hate” along with Juvenile. They were even spotted partying together over New Year’s. But the reunion was short-lived as Lil Wayne halted settlement talks in the lawsuit back in May.

But, according to Birdman, both sides are still talking.

“Lot of shit going on and we definitely talking as far as his end and my end,” he says. ‘That’s a goal for me in this game. I said I want to finish the game what I started and Wayne’s somebody that I really would like to finish the game with. Even if we finish with respeck of him still being my son. That means more to me than the money and the music. I don’t give a fuck about none of that. I care more about our relationship and that’s what I wanna heal.”

Listen to Birdman speak about reconciling with Lil Wayne below: