Animal rights group PETA who have made waves recently for comparing animal cruelty to the African Slave trade have ruffled the feather’s of Phonte, one third of Carolina trio Little Brother.

The PETA web site, has recently launched a campaign showing clips of Phonte and Big Pooh coming out against eating meat… or at least eating a lot of it.

On a video clip, Tay can be seen talking about gaining too much weight and feeling sluggish because of all the meat in his diet. What PETA doesn’t tell fans, is that the interview occurred about two years ago.

Phonte had some less than kind words for PETA on the group’s My Space page:

Excerpts from: Them PETA niggas is bonkers yo:
I don’t endorse them niggas IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM…

Basically, me and Pooh went for a while where we had both stopped eating meat…and while we were vegetarian, PETA asked us to do an interview at the Rock The Bells festival….niggas was like, ‘Cool….”

We ain’t know them niggas was gon’ run the shit TWO YEARS LATER after niggas done fell off the wagon……didn’t they read my waing blog?

Plus, my problems with PETA run waaaaay deeper than that. To me, they come across as rich white folk who are privileged enough to fight a ‘struggle’ that the average everyday working person could really give a fuck about. Meat is murder? Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit! Meat ain’t murder, it’s what’s for dinner! Plus, any organization that attempts to compare animal abuse to HUMAN SLAVERY can eat a dick…..for real.

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