Memphis, TN – DJ Paul is planning on dropping his upcoming project Mafia All Day next month and former Three 6 Mafia member Playa Fly is none too pleased with the co-founder’s choice of title for his mixtape.

Playa Fly is known for his use of the term “Mafia all day” since the late ’90s and expressed his frustrations over DJ Paul using the phrase on Twitter Wednesday (August 3).

“What kind of shit is this??? What are your thoughts??? I call it copyright infringement,” Playa Fly wrote in a tweet attached to a picture of DJ Paul‘s mixtape cover accompanied by the hashtags #Lawsuit, #callyourlawyer and #seeyouincourt.

Whether or not Playa Fly plans to actually pursue the Academy Award-winning rapper in court is unclear. However, the King of Memphis has his doubts that he even has the funds to make that happen.

“First off this nigga cannot afford to sue me,” Paul says in a Twitter video. “He cannot afford to sue me. Second off, I’m not finna be up here beefing and dissing with some 40-something-year-old nigga that look like he’s about 70 fuckin’ five. Skinny ass, broke ass nigga that ain’t even got $75 in his fuckin’ pocket.”

The 41-year-old Tennessean is now considering changing the title of his mixtape to Mafia 4 Life. He insists it’s not because of Playa Fly‘s fans harassing him or his threat of a lawsuit, but because that’s what it was originally supposed to be titled anyway. He even threw a jab at anyone using the expression “mafia all day.”

“Cuz Im Not Mafia All Day…Im Mafia 4 Life!!! If U Saying Mafia All Day U Probly Was Just In Da Mafia For A Day 2 Be Real! Fyi U Cant Copyright A Title People,” he captioned on Instagram with the new title and mixtape cover.

Check out Playa Fly and DJ Paul’s social media exchange below.