Be warned: this whole “Eminem is about to jump into the Joe Budden/Drake beef” buzz started with Hot 97 radio host Ebro telling a story about a conversation about a rumor that was, in the end, apparently just a joke.

Ebro’s declaration that he’d heard a rumor that Eminem was coming for Drake — and that Drake said he was ready for him in the unlikely event that he did — set off a firestorm online, growing to large enough proportions that Eminem’s manager doused some water on it.

He also retweeted a 2009 post from Drake’s Twitter archive.

Even Drake appeared to address it on his Instagram with an eye-roll emoji and a caption that read, “If they don’t have a story these days…”

If they don't have a story these days…?

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Joe Budden, whose critique of VIEWS and subsequent diss tracks was the original catalyst to the story, didn’t buy into the hype either.

Still, the Internet was definitely interested in talking about the potential of an Eminem/Drake beef and, who knows, maybe that interest will materialize into something. Opinion online leaned heavily toward the idea that Drake should stay far away from anything resembling a callout for Eminem, which may be the inspiration he needs to want to prove people wrong.



Here are some of the best reactions we found floating around online.