Mike WiLL Made-It not pleased with the recent leak of two Future songs.

Producer Mike WiLL Made-It didn’t hesitate in making his frustration over the recent Future leaks known. He sent out nearly a dozen tweets criticizing whoever was responsible for the leak of Future’s “Paparazzi” and “Guap On Me.”

He began his rant by questioning what the motivation behind such an act is.

“After all we’ve released this is the thanks we get…Never understood why a person would leak music, especially that’s not in its entire…Like after that what is gained,” Mike WiLL wrote in three separate tweets.

The beatsmith later compared the leak to “a slap in the face” as he touched on the idea that songs are ultimately wasted when they’re leaked.

“These weirdoes think it’s cool but it’s more a slap in the face…wasting songs and/or people’s time by having them listening to something that was never created to be heard…The thirst too real, not spending time on this, focusing my energy on what I’ve been focusing my energy on to be released, no distractions,” the producer wrote.

Given Mike WiLL’s Twitter rant (posted below), it’s possible that he produced at least one of the leaked tracks, but that has yet to be confirmed by the musician.

Future also reacted to the leaks this week, upset that it misrepresented where he’s currently at in his career.

Mike WiLL Made-It’s tweets on the Future leaks can be found below.