As his former click, Three 6 Mafia celebrated their history-making Oscar win Sunday night, rapper Koopsta Knicc from Memphis was home having a different type of party scenario.

The rapper, born Robert Phillips, was arrested and charged with assault and robbery after allegedly forcing his way into a Memphis home and sticking up the three occupants. He was scheduled to appear in court on B.I.G’s death anniversary (March 9).

Knicc split from the Mafia in 2000. He later publicly accused the remaining members, Juicy J, DJ Paul and Crunchy Black, of trying to blackball him in the music industry. This arrest is the latest of incidents that landed Knicc in the pen. The same year he left the group, he was arrested and charged with domestic violence and aggravated burglary.

Knicc was also arrested three times last year and earlier this year, and charged with giving a bad check to a friend.

Source: BET News