Within the span of 24 hours, the Hip Hop community has been shaken by the deaths of two Black men at the hands of police. Following the news of Alton Sterling‘s death in Baton Rouge, another video surfaced, this one of 32-year-old Philando Castile, being shot during a traffic stop in Falcon Heights, Minnesota. Castile later died at a local hospital.

Several people went back to social media to honor the man and call for justice. ScHoolboy Q wrote a series of lyrics while Portland Trailblazers star Damian Lillard became a trending topic himself because of his controversial call for Black people to come together and stop Black on Black crime. The Oakland native reminds his audience that he knew Oscar Grant, another man shot and killed by police and who was portrayed by Michael B. Jordan in Fruitvale Station, and knows the full extent of the pain that comes from these incidents.

View the reactions to the death of Philando Castile at the hands of police below.

#philandocastile Arguments only prove my point. I will never stop. Justice. Side note the #AllLivesMatter hashtag is like spitting in the face of black folk. It comes off as extremely selfish and unsympathetic to a mourning person. Not because all lives don't matter. Of course they do. But it's very clear that black lives don't to many in this country. No one goes up to lung cancer patients and says "Folks with Breast cancer matter too!" #AllCancerPatients matter. That's Insensitive. True faith stands up for the oppressed and the broken. Obviously many can't see the systemic effects of racism and abused authority. Many can't see that racism has stained this country because they are privileged to not see it. Also Christians saying that " preaching the gospel is all we need" ignores how sin affects infrastructures and societal systems. They project blame on themselves when they see these kinds of posts. You assume my anger is at white people and not white supremacy. No there are many "woke" white folks out here. Allies and friends. But if you ever trusted in anything I've said, if you've used my words to stir your hope or joy, then trust that same voice now. This is an epidemic that school books or church services haven't taught you. And listen if you really really hate this post you are always free to Unfollow me. I'll still love you.

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What are you going to do when you're the last BLACK MAN on earth ?!?!? That's a question that someone is going to have to answer one day if they keep killing us like this !!!! #PhilandoCastille shot in cold blood as he sat next to his girlfriend after reaching for his identification as instructed by the officer SMFH !!!! & as soon as his girlfriend posted it… FACEBOOK removed it & DELETED her page !!!! They are exterminating us like we are fuckin rats out here people !!!!!!! I don't have anything cool, educated or peaceful to say… This shit is really fucking krazy !!!!! I cannot believe that a day after #AltonSterling is murdered…. Another white cop kills another BLACK MAN while complying !!!! We are DOOMED whether we stand up or not !!! We don't care like our grandparents & parents did !!!! We are weakened by this new age & purposely blinded by these mothafuckas while they KILL US ALL ONE BY ONE !!!! ITS TAKING EVERYTHING INSIDE ME NOT TO FUEL MY RAGE !!!!!!! THEY DONT HAVE MUCH LONGER !!!!!! CAN YALL NOT SEE WTF THEYRE DOING TO US ??? WE ARE DYING PEOPLE…… DYING !!!

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