Raekwon and Ghostface Killah giving fans the opportunity to open for them for a price.

According to Digital Music News, aspiring rappers now have the opportunity to serve as the opening act for Raekwon and Ghostface Killah, during their “The Ragu Tour,” but it’ll cost them.

An unsolicited email the website received states that an opening act slot for the tour will cost exactly $1,100. That $1,100 will cover 15 minutes of performance time and a designated area for the artist to sell their merchandise.



“Alongside the 15-minute slot, rappers can also position their own merch stand at the show, something that could defray costs if anyone’s buying,” Digital Music News reports. “But rappers are responsible for all of their expenses, including travel, accommodations, food, and probably everything related to the stand itself. That means the actual cost of ’15 minutes of fame’ is probably in the low thousands, depending on a lot of factors.”

In regards to most shows, whether or not the opening act is required to pay to perform is usually up to the headlining act and other higher-ups.

The Wu-Tang duo’s “The Ragu Tour” is scheduled to kick off on July 26 in Portland, Oregon. The tour will then make stops in Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit, and close to a dozen other cities.