Atlanta, GA – Waka Flocka Flame does not lock little girls in dog cages or closets, he clarified on his Instagram today (May 18).

The statement comes after Snapchat footage of him hit TMZ with the headline “Waka Flocka Flame Puts Little Girl In Dog Cage.”

That clip opens on a distressed little girl trapped in a crate, crying and reaching out between the bars while Waka says, “Want me to bond you out? Want me to bond you? OK, I’m bonding you out … Come on baby, get out of jail.” He lets her out and then brings her up for a hug and comforts her, asking if she’s having a “bad hair day.”

The clip doesn’t show how the girl got into the cage, and TMZ jumped to the conclusion that Waka had trapped her there himself.

Taking to Instagram this morning (May 18), the 29-year-old rapper seemed shocked that anyone could interpret the footage that way.

“Fucking dickheads, y’all think we locking kids in fuckin’ closets and dog cages? Nooooo. This is our niece,” he explained from the passenger seat of a vehicle. “She locked herself in by accident … She was crying. Yes I let her out. The fuck we look like locking kids in cages? Get the fuck off my page, get outta the media. Get a fuckin’ life, stop worrying about our life. No we not locking kids in the goddamn closet. Goodbye. Have a nice day,” he said with a smile.

Watch the clip below.