Tampa, FL – As the host of “Fuck, That’s Delicious,” Action Bronson’s job is to smoke weed, travel the world and eat incredible food, so it makes sense that he’d want his drug paraphernalia to reflect his status as a professional drug consumer.

TMZ reports that the New York rapper shelled out $20,000 for a new “respiratory recycler” bong, made by award-winning glass blower Andrew K. Morris.

Bronson posted a photo of the elaborate contraption to Instagram with the caption: “Today is a gorgeous day I think it’s a good idea to sit outside listen to music, write raps and reach a higher ground using this fucking beauty.. @pipemaker #fuckthatsdelicious”

The Richmond, Virginia pipemaker also posted an image of himself with Bronson.

The costly bong doubles the $10,000 pricetag of the one 2 Chainz smoked out of on 4/20 in 2015 for GQ’s “Most Expensive Shit” series, but is still a bargain compared to the $70,000 reportedly offered for the bong that got Miley Cyrus into trouble in 2010.

Check out some more of Bronson’s collection, as well as more work by AKMglass.

What a gorgeous family ?? @mesonja @joepglass #fuckthatsdelicious #BlueChips7000 #ancientaliens #hetti

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