Hopsin offers his thoughts on Dr. Dre and Drake using ghostwriters.

Los Angeles rapper Hopsin had varying thoughts on Dr. Dre and Drake’s use of ghostwriters. During an interview with Vlad TV, the lyricist spoke on both artists using ghostwriters, but found it difficult to “say anything bad about” Dr. Dre.

During Hopsin’s interview, the topic of Royce Da 5’9 writing both of Dr. Dre’s verses on “The Message” was brought up. He explained that he found it difficult to call out Dre for using a ghostwriter due to his contributions to Hip Hop.

“I have a lot of respect for Dre and what he’s done for music…He has the ear to spot talent and blow them up,” Hopsin said. “And that’s very valuable. And he’s contributed so much to Hip Hop where not many people can have that Dr. Dre spot. So, if he has whoever write a verse, Royce Da 5’9, Eminem, or whoever–Me personally, I don’t approve of ghostwriting, whether for myself or anybody, but I just have too much respect for Dr. Dre. So, I can’t even say anything bad about it.”

Hopsin took a more stern approach on Drake’s alleged use of a ghostwriter, stating simply that he “can’t respect” it.

“I’m a fan of Drake,” he said. “I’m a fan of the idea of Drake…Meaning that if he has a ghostwriter he’s an idea. It’s a perception created that he’s not really writing the lyrics…A lot of his songs are hit songs. Drake’s songs, they’re super, super hit songs. So, if he has ghostwriters going in doing that, I still as a lyricist, I can’t respect that no matter what.”

Video of Hopsin speaking on Dr. Dre and Drake using ghostwriters, can be found below.