Kidd Kidd’s lyrics and music videos are being used in federal court to help prosecute members of the New Orleans street gang 39ers in a trial slated for September, reports the New Orleans Advocate.

The gang has been accused of committing a dozen murders over a two-year time span in an effort to further push heroin into the streets of New Orleans.

A 45-page indictment reveals that there are about 10 defendants currently being prosecuted for murder and racketeering stemming from an investigation that began in 2009.

Federal prosecutors are using the G-Unit rapper‘s video to help identify members of the 39ers gang. One video in particular, “G.T.O.” by fellow New Orleans rapper Qp, features Gregory “Rabbit” Stewart who has willfully admitted to some of the killings and is now a key witness in the government’s case. At one point, Rabbit can be seen with a pistol on his waist and an arm over Kidd Kidd’s shoulder.

Others appear in the video with 39ers signage on their t-shirts.

Director of “G.T.O.,” Jeremi Brock describes the visual as a mix between a low-budget music video and a shoutout session on a street corner. The Feds see it as evidence of criminal conspiracy with Kidd Kidd as an agent.

Kidd Kidd nor Qp will be charged in this case, however prosecutors argue that the Fuk Da Fame rapper‘s association to the organization brought them more attention while simultaneously solidifying the rapper’s street credibility.

“It was good for his career to associate with known gangster and good for them to have their name shout[ed] out and rubbed in the faces of rival gangs,” says U.S. Attorney Myles Ranier. “I have to prove this organization existed. To me, the fact it’s called out in a song that I can hear on my way home from work is proof that the organization existed.”

The video being used in court, “G.T.O.” featuring Qp and Kidd Kidd is as follows.

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