Los Angeles, CA – Last August, Big Sean inked an exclusive deal with Stance Socks to put his own vision on their threads.

The brand’s current run features the Big Sean and more: a collaboration project with LA based contemporary artist, Mike Reese and lastly, an intergalactic themed collection called Space Race.

“Stance socks are the best socks I’ve ever worn, so I was excited to have the chance to collaborate with them and be a part of the Punk & Poet family,” Big Sean, OG Stance Anthem Punk & Poet says in the press release. “Stance makes wearing socks an experience rather than a routine.”

The Big Sean collection runs for $16 and sports a 200 needle block complete with a camo-military colorway and barb wire jacquard design. Both are available today at Stance.com.

Check out the flicks of Sean Don modeling the new collection down below.