Young Thug released the third installment of his Slime Season mixtape series today (March 25) shortly after releasing “Problem” and “Digits” as singles yesterday (March 24).

A Reddit user who goes by the name of Golf-x-Wang claims on the site that the cover art for the singles, that was later used for the Slime Season 3 mixtape cover art, was drawn by his girlfriend and that she was never compensated for her work.

He says that his girlfriend posted the image on Instagram, it got some traction and Young Thug’s girlfriend liked the picture. The user says that the rapper never got in touch with his girlfriend about using the art for Slime Season 3.

Other Reddit users suggested preparing to take Young Thug to court or reaching out to 300 Entertainment executive Lyor Cohen in order to ensure she is properly credited for her work.

Young Thug’s designer, Fano, replied to the thread and said that he has gotten in touch with the artist and promises she will be compensated.

“Yoo Fano here.. thought I’d clear some things up..

  1. I had nothing to do with choosing this album art. Thug randomly picked her picture and it was sent to me and asked to be edited.
  2. No one in the camp knew who created the original until yesterday. We tried to find the original artist before release to no avail.
  3. I spoke to her yesterday and she IS being compensated for her work.
  4. I never claimed to be the creator of the cover nor did I put my logo on it.
  5. The altered cartoon version that was made by me was just fan art and a reinterpretation of the cover. I was not paid for it and I tagged her as soon as I found out.”

Fano also addressed Twitter users about the cover art.

“just did the coloring,” he says to a user asking if he made the art.

He also asks if the artist has a Twitter account when asked how she can be credited for the work.

View the Instagram post of the original Slime Season 3 art, Young Thug’s final Slime Season 3 art and Fano’s tweets below:

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Young Thug Slime Season 3

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