After Stitches reached out to lend Katt Williams support in light of his recent legal woes, the comedian-actor calls Stitches “Miss Piggy” in a tweet that has since been deleted but that was captured by ThisIs50.

“@KattPackAllDay The$e fuck boy$ dont realize niggaz like u$ alway$ win #salutetotherealniggaz,” Stitches wrote on Twitter Tuesday (March 8). 

Katt Williams did not seem to appreciate Stitches’ comment.

“@therealstitches What exactly are you trying to imply little Missy Piggy? Comparing yourself to Katt Williams is like comparing vagina to penis,” Williams wrote.

Stitches responded in kind.

“@KattPackAllDay Thats why @bobonoroco stuck his penis in your bitches vagina #MinnieMouseVsBigBadWolf,” he wrote.

The comedian was arrested Tuesday for threatening his bodyguard while a woman beat him up with a baseball bat. The bodyguard apparently would not do an illegal action that Williams requested of him.

Kat Williams was released from jail on $60,000 bond yesterday (March 9).

The Twitter exchange in which Katt Williams calls Stitches “Miss Piggy” is as follows:

Stitches V. Katt Williams

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