Las Vegas

DMX’s road to recovery following a serious asthma attack has resulted in the gruff-voiced rap star finding new career opportunities using his trademarked snarl.

The marketing team over at Ultimate Fighting Championship recruited the Dark Man ahead of UFC 196 to do voiceover work for the promo for tonight’s round of title bouts. On top of the fight card stand Conor McGregor defending his UFC featherweight champion belt against Nate Diaz and Holly Holm (in her first fight since the mega upset against Rhonda Rousey last November) looking to retain her women’s bantamweight top rank against Miesha Tate.

“Sometimes when man sets out to make history, destiny intervenes,” X read from the script to start the opening of the clip before closing out with an “it’s on!” Anyone who checking for one of his iconic ad-libs (“What?!” “C’mon!” or “Grrr”) will be extremely disappointed, however.

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UFC 196 is available for streaming at UFC.TV for $59.99 and YouTube for $49.99.

Listen to X “give it to ya” via the UFC 196 promotional hype clip down below.