Public Enemy’s “Fight The Power” was played during the 88th Annual Academy Awards in Los Angeles yesterday (February 28). Chuck D, the group’s frontman, has commented on the usage of the song, putting it into context in a number of ways.

“I dont wanna hear about Oscars being white,” Chuck D wrote on Twitter yesterday. “Oscar been white. We have need black communities to support our ARTS as much as we do sports IMO.

“WHEN you CANNOT TEACH the ARTS in your community schools as HISTORY.You leave it up to the Govt & Corps to DEFINE you.Thus we wait for AWARD,” he added.

Prior to the Awards, Will Smith and Jada Pinket Smith were among the Black actors and actresses who took aim at the Oscars this year because of the lack of non-Whites nominated. Will Smith, who was hailed for his performance in NFL medical drama Concussion, and the cast of N.W.A, who starred in the acclaimed Straight Outta Compton biopic on the group, were among the high-profile releases many thought deserved Oscar nominations.

Chuck D said that the Academy Awards do not target the general public.

Oscars are like a TRADE show. If you aint in that business why should you care? Its like winter baseball meetings, how many care about that?” he wrote.

The rapper said that “Fight The Power” stands for something more than just a song.

“The song FightThe Power is beyond me & the crew.The point of the song is a call to making change eventually not just applauding the thought,” he wrote.

In another tweet, Chuck D wrote that he hasn’t been on top of current events, a likely reference to the loss of his father, who passed away earlier this month.

I am still numb to all else that has happened around me this month. Ive barely noticed anything other than my personal loss,” he wrote.

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