Young Thug detailed his dream wedding with GQ and imagines for the occasion to be something “Like Heaven Gates.”

Thugger, who is currently engaged to his longtime girlfriend Jerricka Young, hopes for a million people to witness the two join in holy matrimony.

The 300 Records artist also wishes for the wedding to be filled with the sounds of Bob Marley and Kanye West while guests enjoy his mom’s home cooking.

“My mom would cook, of course,” the Slime Season 3 rapper says. “She cook everything. Neck bone. She like real, real, like, motherfuckin’ Black people food. Like oxtail and shit. All kinda crazy shit.”

Young Thug, born Jeffery Williams, is also the father to six private schooled-children, however attending PTA meetings is not on the rapper’s to-do list.

“They ain’t easy,” the Atlanta native says in the exclusive GQ interview. “It be like, ‘If I could take this back? Yes, what the fuck was I thinking!’

“It’s not even taking care of the kids,” Lil Jeff continues. “The main part is you won’t be able to do what you always did. That’s the number one rule to having a kid: You can’t be who you were.”

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