Ciara has ordered Future to face deposition in the former couple’s ongoing lawsuit against each other. The Jasmine Brand reports that the singer filed documents Monday (May 2), that say her legal team will question her ex-fiancee under oath.

The questioning will be videotaped and is set to take place next week in Georgia. Future will be asked about his fallout with Ciara, child support regarding their son and his Twitter posts, including one where he called her a “bitch” with “control problems.”

Ciara, who is now engaged to Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, first filed the $15 million lawsuit in February, claiming the Atlanta rapper committed slander, libel and defamation against her.

Future Hendrix fired back with a counter-suit, saying that she was using the claims to generate publicity for herself. He demanded for her to pay his legal fees and punitive damages.

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Future has filed a counter-suit against Ciara, according to He wants her to stop making false claims about him and to pay his legal fees regarding the lawsuit she filed against him. He also wants an additional amount for punitive damages, her claims to be thrown out and her to be awarded nothing from her lawsuit.

The Atlanta rapper says that if he did slander his former fiance, she waited too long to sue him for slander and that the statute regarding defamation claims has expired.

Future also claims that filing her lawsuit against him generated more publicity than his tweets that allegedly defamed her. Given this, Future wants her defamation claims to be dismissed.

Future also says that Ciara is using the lawsuit to generate publicity for herself and that none of his social media posts – including one in which he called her a “bitch” – were false or defamatory. He claims he simply wanted to see his son more often and that his comments are protected by free speech.

In addition to these claims, Future says Ciara is no longer successful and that her most recent album, 2015’s Jackie, was a commercial flop.

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Future scoffs at Ciara‘s $15 million lawsuit against him.

One of Future‘s affiliates told TMZ that the Atlanta rapper “thinks it’s absurd” that his ex-girlfriend is suing him for defamation, slander, and libel. The source says that Future could have said that Ciara has spread equally harmful sentiments about him, especially through her song “I Bet,” which is supposedly about Future cheating on her.

The source continues that the rapper has yet to see the legal documents from Ciara’s suit and is reportedly considering a countersuit against her.

Future released his EVOL album Friday (February 5).

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Ciara files $15 million lawsuit against Future over defamation, slander, and libel claims.

According to The Jasmine Brand, the issues between Ciara and Future, two artists who were once in a relationship and have a son together, have been upgraded to the legal level.

The site reports that late last month Ciara filed a lawsuit against Future in a Georgia court. The singer is reportedly concerned over “false and defamatory statements” that have been made about her following the birth of their son, Future.

Most recently, Future stated “this bitch got control problems,” in regards to Ciara with a tweet made on January 4 of this year.

In her lawsuit, Ciara states that the Atlanta rapper has spread lies about her to promote his various, music endeavors. Additionally, she claims that Future has never paid child support.

“The singer accuses her ex-fiance of lying about her publicly to increase interest and publicity for his upcoming musical endeavors, namely the release of his upcoming album and tour,” The Jasmine Brand reports. “Ciara blasts Future saying he purposefully published lies about her on his Twitter account, social media and other interviews to destroy her reputation as a good mother, to diminish her brand and to impair her professional career in the entertainment industry.”

Despite Future’s claims about having to go through lawyers to see his son, the lawsuit states that Ciara has gone out of her way to ensure that the two spend time together.

Future has yet to respond publicly to the $15 million lawsuit filed against him.

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