Atlanta, Georgia songstress Ciara didn’t offer specific details on her breakup with Future during her appearance on The Breakfast Club yesterday (April 14), but did chalk the breakup up to the relationship “clearly” not working out.

Despite the relationship between the two musicians coming to an end, Ciara says it left her with “the greatest joy” of her life thanks to the birth of her son, Future Zahir Wilburn.

“It clearly didn’t work out,” the singer said when asked about her relationship with Future. “But I have the greatest gift. The greatest joy of my life is my son. And honestly, I feel like everything in life happens for a reason. And my son has been the greatest gift that God has given me in my life. And been the most game-changing thing that’s happened in my life in a necessary way. So, I mean, that’s pretty much what happened.



“I can’t really break all that down because I don’t even think it really matters to tell you the truth,” she added. “Especially again, with the ending as great as it is with my son. That’s what worked out, my son. We’re cool…We have a child together. And I think as a parent it’s important to be able to communicate. Even if you don’t talk—You don’t talk or we don’t talk every day. There’s no need to, but my son is clearly the connection between he and I. And as parents I think it’s important to be able to communicate. I like to stay happy. And I like to live life light and make the best of life.”

With the release of her new album scheduled for next month, Ciara also spoke on her upcoming, Jackie album. According to the singer, she aimed to be more “expressive” with Jackie and also hopes fans will have the chance to get to know her better thanks to the album.

“This new chapter in my life is really about being expressive,” Ciara said. “And it’s about really allowing myself to be vulnerable because I believe it’s healthy to be vulnerable. I think that when you allow yourself to be in touch with your rawest moment, you kind of really find—You really develop character that way. I think that I’ve been very blessed to be on my sixth album and going on 13 years now. I think it’s important that people get to really know me and know my voice. I’ve been experimenting with things over the years, but I feel like people haven’t really gotten a chance to know me, know me…On this album I really wanted for people to connect to me.”