Puff Daddy says David Bowie gave him confidence with his stage persona.

During an appearance on Khloe Kardashian’s “Kocktails With Khloe,” Puff Daddy revealed that he was inspired and empowered by the late David Bowie. Puff spoke on the musician as he recalled getting clearance from Bowie to sample his “Let’s Dance” record on “Been Around The World.”

He says that upon doing his research on Bowie, he was empowered to embrace his own stage persona.

“To meet with David Bowie to actually get him to clear the sample, he was very protective of his art and his music,” Puff Daddy said. “So, met with him and I just was so inspired. And I knew him as the white boy that I saw on ‘Soul Train.’ But then I started to do my research and I saw that he had all these different personalities and it kinda empowered me and gave me the confidence to have my stage persona. And whenever I wanna switch the names or the vibes on it, so that—He kinda helped me to have the confidence to change.”

Puff also spoke on donating a million bottles of AQUAhydrate to those in Flint, Michigan. The Bad Boy Records founder explained that giving back and helping raising awareness on certain issues is part of “the celebration.”

“We just donated a million bottles of AQUAhydrate,” he said. “It’s actually a water company. And so, just to be able to do something and then see—Also, it kinda helped raise the awareness. And it’s an ongoing thing. So, I mean, that’s the greatest thing. That even goes with the celebration. When you’re actually giving somebody something. Hosting somebody. Giving something of yourself, but then using our power as entertainers to be able to help out in causes such as Flint.”

Video of Puff Daddy speaking on being empowered by David Bowie, can be found below.

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