Max B responded to Kanye West naming his album WAVESon The Breakfast Club today (February 3). The wavy originator says that he does not hold any hard feelings towards West for the album title.

“Everybody know I’m an innovator,” Max B says on a phone call to the radio show. “Everybody know I got imagination, so I come up with these words and these slogans and these catch-phrases and it’s all good when the people follow suit. It’s all good. I like Kanye. I appreciate it. I love it. Thank you.”

Wiz Khalifa questioned West’s motives for changing the album’s title from SWISHand claimed he was biting Max B. That sparked West to diss the Pittsburgh rapper on Twitter. The two have since reconciled.

Max B claims he does not feel that West is taking anything away from him, but is following the natural creative process.

“I feel he got it from the atmosphere and the atmosphere got it from me,” the Harlem, New York rapper says. “But it’s all good. That’s what art is about. We take things from each other, the artists, the creative processes, things of that nature. It’s all good. He didn’t drop a diss record. He just called his album WAVES and everybody knows I’m the wavy daddy, so it’s all good. I appreciate it.”

Max B says he has not ever met or spoken to West. He says that the Chicago rapper and himself are on two different playing fields and that he has grown in his life perspective of the situation. Max B is serving a 75-year prison sentence on kidnapping, robbery and murder charges that he was convicted of in 2009.

“Those dudes in another tax bracket,” Max B says. “I’m a street guy in prison. I doubt if they talk to me, but it’s all love. I heard the shoutouts and the love and the appreciation. That’s all I can say is I appreciate it, man. I’m humbled. Maybe a couple years ago I would’ve made a spectacle but like I said, man, I take what the game give me it’s all love.”

Max B Not Supporting DJ Scoob Doo’s Documentary

The rapper also confirms that he is an independent artist. His Gang Green management company has been in charge of his business matters while he is in prison. Max B says that he did not approve of DJ Scoob Doo’s forthcoming documentary of his life and encourages fans to not support the film.

“That money don’t go to,” he says. “That money don’t go to my kids. That money don’t go to family, no legal fees, nothing. He’s doing that. That’s self-preservation right there. He’s doing that for strictly him. So whatever he’s saying, that video’s supporting me or it’s not, he’s just doing that for him. We tried to reached out to him to see if he could not release it, but he’s doing him.”

Max B confirms that he is working on his own documentary.

It’s wavy,” he says.

Watch the video of Max B responding to Kanye West naming his album title WAVES on The Breakfast Club below: