Rich Homie Quan addressed rapping about having sex with his cousin during a newly published episode of Get Sweaty with Emily Oberg.

On “Numbers,” a cut off RHQ’s ABTA mixtape that was released last November, the Atlanta, Georgia native raps about having sex with a cousin, whom he wasn’t aware was such until after the fact.

“I ain’t know we were related, but I hit my cousin,” Rich Homie Quan raps at the beginning of the track. “I ain’t tryin’ to do no datin’, so I skipped the subject / Shawty say that she gon’ tell her big brother / I told that lil bitch, ‘Go and tell your big brother’ / Leave him stanking with a smell, but I won’t get in trouble.”

When asked about the eyebrow-raising lyric, Rich Homie Quan said: “Well in Georgia, you have big families. So, like, when I say it, I didn’t know the person was my cousin.”

When asked whether or not he meant it, Rich Homie Quan replied, “Yeah. Like a cousin’s, cousin’s, cousin.”

RHQ went on to reveal that he found out about the woman’s relationship to his family and himself during a family reunion.

“[I was] sitting at the table and I was like, ‘What she doing here?’ She asked me what I was doing there and I said, ‘They’re my family.’ She said, ‘This my family.’ And that’s it. We’re not technically ‘cousins cousins.’ It ain’t no immediately family.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Rich Home Quan spoke about his debut album, titled Rich As In Spirit, which he reveals will be released sometime this year.

“[In] 2016, [I’ll] drop my debut album,” he said. “[It’s called] Rich As In Spirit. [It means] I’m rich in my blood, I’m rich in everything I think. Lil Wayne will be on there. Jadakiss will be on there. Boosie [Badazz] will be on there. Ashanti will be on there. [The concept of the album is] real-life events.”

Rich Homie Quan’s interview, whereby he addresses rapping about having sex with his cousin, can be viewed below:

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