The Internet lit up after a picture of six white girls from Arizona wearing T-shirts with single lettering that collectively spelled the N-word surfaced on the web.

Bun B posted a screen grab of the picture to his Instagram and asked his followers to be more selfless in the fight against racism.

“America is sliding down a deep dark hole fast. Shit gotta change y’all,” he captioned in the post. “We are better than this. I know we are. But we have to stop being selfish. We only care about our kids. Our house. Our family. We have to care about each other. Each other’s kids. Each other’s families. The racial divide in America has to be reversed. Because internally we are all fighting some of the same battles. And look at the blurb under the picture. Cmon y’all.”

After seeing the post, fellow rap legend, Scarface commented stating the girls are unfortunately reciprocating behavior practiced by American history for hundreds of years.

“Ain’t nothing sad about that shit. That’s how it is,” he wrote among Bun B’s comments. “The world has been forcing a white supremacist agenda down our throats for hundreds of years. We are brainwashed into thinking White is right, Black is evil.. we have been ripped off!! Ripped off of our culture religion inventions and music but it’s one thing that you can never deny or steal from us!! you’ll never have it!! Melanin Rhythum.”

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