Cap 1 took to Instagram today (January 22) to share footage of himself driving to the hospital after he was shot.

“Bitch-ass niggas just shot me two times, pussy-ass niggas,” the TRU signee says in a video of him driving. “I’m still motherfucking here driving myself to the hospital. Fuck these niggas.”

Cap 1 also posts a picture of himself in the hospital and shares that his injuries are not life-threatening.

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“Pussy niggas shot at me 10 times and hit me twice , but whn it’s not your time nothing can stop Gods plan!” he writes for the caption, “covered in the blood of Jesus and walking with Angels ! #imGood ?? #CaviarDreamz much love for all the Prayers and support . I’m Blessed and I’m Good . #kingrichie? #jefe #truPac”

View Cap 1’s Instagram posts of himself driving to the hospital and recovering in the hospital after being shot two times.