50 Cent is not strictly known as a rapper, but as an actor and businessman. In a recent article published by ELLE, the G-Unit general shares six life lessons he’s learned from his decades in the music and business worlds.

One piece of advice 50 Cent offers is “Don’t Post Underwear Pics on Instagram.”

“That’s the photograph that you send to someone that you’re talking to,” the Frigo underwear spokesman says. “That’s a text message, not a public post. If you’re going to send that, send that to someone specific, not for the general public to just view. The only part of underwear that matters is the waistband.”

50 Cent, who has had relationships with Vivica A. FoxChelsea Handler and others, also shares why he would never go on a reality dating show.

“I’m not really into that,” he says. “I’ve seen people make the choice to do it and most of them are at a space where anything that would work would be okay. When you reach that point where there’s nothing else there, then maybe you do that because that network wants something like that. How could you even choose? If you look at the people I’ve previously dated or hung out with, I’ve actually been in the area or the environment that they were in for us to make some sort of interaction that I felt was natural. To put 12 people here that are here for the specific reason of raising their profile, their financial situation following this, is enhancing, because as soon as they’re done with the show, they’re going to be hosting things and doing all sorts of stuff.”

Instead of seeking new ways to get in a relationship, 50 Cent says that he knew the keys to finding true love back in 2003. One of the singles off his Get Rick or Die Tryin’ album was “21 Questions” with Nate Dogg.

“Those questions are all related to tradition and relationships,” he says. “‘If I fell off tomorrow would you still love me’ That’s saying if I didn’t sustain a good position in finance or in the workspace, would you still be my friend? It’s just hypothetical scenarios of if these scenarios took place would we still be together. ‘If I didn’t smell so good, would you still hug me?’ You can do things for people that you care about and not even have an issue. Say a person is sick and they’ve been in the hospital for a while, you don’t smell anything when you hug them. You get right past whatever else because of your feelings for that person. I think the biggest thing in relationships is can you tell the truth? Confidence is the sexiest trait a person can possess. If they’re not confident enough, they won’t offer exactly who they are. You’ll get a remix, a piece of it.”

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