C-Murder laid down a pretty vicious diss track of 2 Chainz earlier this week and it seemed to come out of no where.

So where’s the response from the Playaz Circle founder? According to a recent catch-up with TMZ, the Atlanta rapper says he’s not going to respond to Master P’s brother and that he has nothing but love for him.

“I’ll always be a fan of No Limit,” he said when asked about “2 Stainz”. “I didn’t even listen to it. At the end of the day I’ve got nothing but love [for him]. I respect southern artists on they grind. They know how to get them bands up, they know how to feed they family. I’m down with all that stuff… [I’m] disappointed that he’s upset but I’ve got nothing but love for the man… Hope he can come home and take care of his family. I ain’t got no time to kick somebody while they already down.”



2 Chainz was also asked where he thinks the C-Murder diss came from and seems as baffled as the general public about the blindside.

“You probably have to go to Angola and ask him,” he said, “I’m not sure.”

During the song C-Murder accuses 2 Chainz of not stealing his TRU movement and calls him a “pussy ass nigga.” It sounds like Tity Boi’s response is one of no worry and actual prayer for the southern legend.

Watch the full TMZ segment with 2 Chainz and hear the C-Murder diss track “2 Stainz” below:

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