In 2003, C-Murder was convicted of murder and is currently serving a life sentence. However, more recently, Master P and his legal team have still been fighting to get the No Limit rapper out of the pen.

Recently sitting down with Vlad TVSilkk the Shocker talked about C-Murder’s case and his current relationship with the New Orleans rapper.

“I love that guy,” he said when asked about C. “I’m fighting for him to get released. It’s a tough situation because it’s bad in the sense where he’s really innocent and that’s the part people don’t realize. They like, ‘Oh, that’s your brother, of course you going to say that,’ but I wouldn’t say that. I think if you do a crime, you do the time but the part that hurts us the most is he’s fighting against the whole system. They’ve been doing it for years. 20, 30, 40, 50 plus years to minorities like that so they get away with it but I believe C’s case is going to change a lot of laws, going to change a lot of corruption ’cause they really did him dirty.”

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Silkk also talked about how unfair the criminal justice system is in America and how if you don’t have the correct representation, you’re much more likely to face more time.

“It’s about C but it’s so much bigger,” he explained. “Getting life tooken away just because people can do it. I think that’s wrong. I remember growing up, it’s a lot of young men that I be like, ‘Well where these guys at? They locked up but they got public defenders and they got a plea bargin for 30 years except for life without parole and if you know the system if you got a public defender you got no chance. Guilty or innocent, you got no chance.”

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