Common spoke with TMZ recently and expressed that doesn’t think Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning has been taking human growth hormone supplements.

Reports of Manning’s use comes from Al Jazeera‘s “The Dark Side” documentary alleging that the banned substance was being delivered to Manning’s home in his wife Ashley Manning’s name.

“Michael Jordan didn’t take any drugs to become the great, greatest player,” the Chicago rapper says. “LeBron is not taking any drugs. Steph Curry’s not taking any drugs. And I don’t think Peyton Manning and those guys do that. Those are great athletes that have achieved high.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the Academy Award-winning rapper also slammed the use of HGH in professional sports.

“They are super-human athletes,” Common says. “So if you’re taking drug to be super-human, it takes away from some of the joy of knowing you have these abilities, these God-given gifts.”

Common’s full TMZ interview on Peyton Manning’s HGH scandal is as follows:

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