Antoine Harris plays “Ahm”, an emcee in the VH1 special The Breaks, which airs tonight (January 4).

Recently sitting down with HipHopDX Senior Features Writer Ural Garrett, the actor/musician talked about working with DJ Premier and Phonte and how it all came together.

“A music movie can always go two ways,” he said via a segment of today’s DX Daily. “You can love the story but get the music and be like, ‘Come on, y’all! Go get the person who does this.’ So they really went out, Dan Charness and VH1 and Steve Mann, they were very thorough, all inclusive and they got the best man for the job I believe.”

Antoine Harris also explained how quality music made acting alongside it much easier.

“When the scene came I just had to know what mood I was in as a person, as a character and just really be off book with my lines,” he said. “But he made it so easy.”

Watch the full DX Daily segment featuring Antoine Harris below: