Big Sean took the opportunity to reflect on 2015 throughout his newly released song, “What A Year” – featuring Pharrell and Detail.

The track, which is produced by Bobby Johnson, Frank Dukes, Maneesh, Detail, and Amaire Johnson, features Big Sean discussing the various events that took place in his life throughout the past year.

Among the topics discussed is the passing of Sean’s Grandmother, who passed away late last year.

“RIP for my ones who couldn’t see the day / I really wish they would have saw me get a VMA / I know my grandma ain’t here but it’s cool as long as I’m around she gon’ be here in my DNA,” Big Sean raps.

Elsewhere, the Detroit rapper speaks on the success of his third studio album, Dark Sky Paradise.

“I’m on the sixth record off the album going gold,” he raps, referencing the string of singles off the project which have achieved gold status since their respective releases.

Big Sean continues the discussion on the track’s cover art.

“To whom it may concern,” the Detroit rapper writes. “2015 was the best year of my life, we counted a lot more wins than losses…And to me, that’s worth more than damn near anything.

“Btw, you took the wrong hard drive,” Big Sean adds at the end, referencing the break-in that took place at his home in Southern California earlier this month, where intruders robbed unpublished music and $150,000 worth of jewelry.

Big Sean’s new song “What A Year,” whereby he reflects on his 2015, can be heard below:

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