New evidence shows that Beats 1 may possibly expand their web radio service in the future.

According to Billboard, Apple has filed for trademarks for “Beats 2” through “5,” and “B2” through “B5.”

“New evidence is bolstering the safe assumption that Apple plans to launch some more iterations of its web radio station Beats 1,” Billboard reports. “Trademark filings first pointed out by French blog Consomac show the company seeking protection for the names “Beats 2” through “5,” and “B2” through “B5.””

It is currently unclear if Apple has immediate plans for new Beats stations, or is simply protecting the Beats name.

The trademarks can be viewed on the JUSTIA Trademarks website.

A description for the various trademarks, which were filed in November of this year, reads: “broadcasting and transmission of voice, data, images, music, audio, video, multimedia, television, and radio by means of…”

In August of this year, The Verge reported that Apple struck a deal to have the ability to create five additional stations similar to Beats 1.