Joey Bada$$ and the founder of Cinematic Music Group, Jonny Shipes, say they want to become the new Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine.

Over the past few years, Joey and Shipes have been simultaneously growing the independent Cinematic label, as well as the Pro Era clothing line and lifestyle brand The Smokers Club. “We wanna be, like [Joey] said, Dre and Jimmy if you will, but Jonny and Joey and on our own shit in our own way,” Shipes says during a newly published interview with Billboard’s Dan Rys.

Throughout the conversation, the pair discussed a variety of topics including their plans to further build the Cinematic label over the coming years, as well Joey’s plans to release new music.

Speaking specifically on his plans to release new music, Joey Bada$$ refrained from revealing too many details but did outline lessons that he’s learned from his 2015 debut album, B4.Da.$$.

“Any scientist who goes into a lab always experiments, you know what I mean? That’s how I look at it,” he says. “I’m always working up something. I’m never trying to create the same product, the same experience. But right now, you know, I’m just creating. I learned so much from B4.Da.$$. My biggest lesson that I probably learned from that album was never give your title away so far in advance. I had fans down my neck for over a year. Now I know just shut the fuck up until like two weeks before. [Laughs] And also, the way the music industry is going, it’s turned into a really innovative type of race. Everybody who’s winning is coming up with new ways to go about things. So this year I’m really just waiting for that to come to me, that one innovative thing that I try to take my next approach with.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Joey spoke on his plans for 2016, which include releasing double the amount of Pro Era projects as 2015.

“Like I said, 2015 was the first time that I as Joey Bada$$ felt established,” the Brooklyn rapper says. “I feel like now 2016 will be the first year that Pro Era — as a whole, a brand, a collective, a label — will feel established and will be perceived that way by the public. This year we put out two projects, being mine and Kirk’s. Next year I want to put out four. Why can’t we drop a project every quarter? We can. And we’re about to. [Laughs]”

To read the full interview whereby Joey Bada$$ and Jonny Shipes say they want to become the new Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, please visit Billboard.

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