Tech N9ne says he has an idea why Jay Z doesn’t reach out to him for a collaboration.

“Jay Z, if he sees this, I mean, what is he going to say?” the Kansas City rapper says during an interview with Montreality

The rapper then shows what appears to be an 11-week-old image of himself on Instagram in which he’s sporting face paint, one of his signatures when he performs. 

“He’s gonna say, ‘That is Tech N9ne? That ain’t the guy that I remember back when we went on tour. He’s worse now. Man, look at that guy, man,’” Tech N9ne continues, referring to Jay Z, with whom he toured in 2002 as part of the Sprite Liquid Mix Tour. “What is Jay Z going to do with that? So it has to be music-driven because — it’s going to be music-driven, of course, but if you look at that, like Rihanna and them look at that, like, ‘Uhhh. What the fuck is that, dude?’ Then they hear my music and are like, ‘Oh, that’s that guy?’”

As he looks at the photo of himself, Tech N9ne imagines that Jay Z and Rihanna would think he’d rap about Hell and related topics. 

On the contrary, Tech N9ne says, as he explains the meaning of the imagery on his face. 

“That stands for ‘Worldly Angel,’” he says. “It just looks wicked in this wicked world. Why not? I’m a product of this fuckin’ world, so this is what it looks like.”

WORLDLY ANGEL! By @iarejose

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