Missy Elliott has accomplished a lot during her career and while she’s won numerous awards it seems like her most recent honor got her more emotional than ever.

Recently accepting Billboard’s “Innovator” award from singer Ciara, the legendary emcee gave thanks to everyone who came before her, including Aaliyah, who passed away in 2001.

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“Because of them, those ones before me, I thank you, and I thank my peers and those after me, but those ones before me, I want to tell y’all that I love y’all so much and Aaliyah, I hope you’re looking down and that you are proud of me,” she said during her speech. “I miss you much and Ciara, I love you so much, sis. I thank you, I thank you. I love you so much. And I thank y’all once again.”

Missy Elliott also wanted to let everyone watching know to continue to be creative and never stop. She also reflected on her own life as an artist and person.

“”I’m sorry, y’all, you know, I done cried so much, I got my bottom lashes in my eyes,” she said tearing up. “I want y’all to continue to be creative and don’t be scared to take risks. I’ve had to take a lot of risks, and being a woman in this industry for me, as an artist, a writer and producer, I’ve had my ups and downs. There’s times that I have wanted to give up, but God had another plan for me, and if it wouldn’t have been for Him, I wouldn’t be standing here. I just want to say that I thank y’all.”

Watch Missy Elliott accepting her Billboard “Innovator” award below: