Lyrics from Kanye West’s music have inspired “Kanye’s 6-Step Program To Becoming God-Like & Successful.”

The new article on Green Label uses lyrics from the Chicago rapper-producer to compile its list, which includes “Adopt Kanye As Your Teacher.” That entry references West’s “Ego” lyrics. 

“Preserving a dream requires a safehouse within your mind, a place to tap into for unlimited confidence,” the Green Label story says. “Kanye has made this special place his permanent residence. That’s why his discography is the holy book of self-esteem.”

Another step is to “Develop Arrogance.” Using “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” lyrics for inspiration, the site explains its rationale for this reference.

“Gatekeepers and decision makers will happily keep you in ‘your place,’” the Green Label story says. “In these moments, confidence won’t be enough; you’ll need uncompromising arrogance.”

To read the full “Kanye’s 6-Step Program To Becoming God-Like & Successful,” visit Green Label.