Master P recently appeared on The Real to discuss his ongoing legal battle with ex-wife, Sonya Miller.

Also appearing alongside the rapper on the show was his son Romeo, as well as his other children.

“I just want my Mom to find happiness,” Romeo said when asked what he believes would be the ideal outcome of the current situation.

“I want my kids to be able to do what they love to do,” Master P later said in response to the same question. “What I told the judge when I was there I was like, ‘Sometimes you gotta look at right and wrong and that’s it.’ I feel like as a person on the outside looking in — I asked the judge I said, ‘Drug test both of us, and then you’ll find all the answers.’ Which their attorney didn’t agree with. So I’ma put it in God’s hands.”

Despite their public legal battle, Master P said that he continues to root for Sonya, who is alleged to abuse drugs.

“Drugs is killing a lot of families,” he said. “We’re gonna get help for her. We still love her as a family — that’s my kid’s Mom, we wish the best for her… I think this is going to change her too. We rooting for her. It’s not like we’re looking down on her. We love her as a family. She’s gonna be in our lives forever.”

Master P’s appearance on The Real can be viewed below:

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