The late Pimp C‘s posthumous album, Long Live The Pimp, executive produced by his widow, Chinara Butler, was released today (December 4) through Mass Appeal Records on the eighth anniversary of his passing.

In a recent interview Nas, Bun B, Jermaine Dupri and Jazze Pha spoke of Pimp C and his impact on Rap.

“He was a straight shooter,” Nas says in an interview released by Mass Appeal today. “He would just give it to you. So it was like that in the music. It was cold-hearted. It was cold spit. It was from his soul to the world and you couldn’t get around that. You couldn’t get away from that. They’re just pioneers.”

Pimp’s UGK comrade Bun B also reflected on the relationship they had with each other and what it was like making music with him.

“We knew we were down with each other,” Bun B says. “You put me and Pimp in the room with just me and Pimp and the music and the equipment and we could give you an album. At the end of the day we just represent UGK now, Pimp and Bun and you’ll get everything you need.”

HipHopDX spoke with Chinara Butler in an exclusive interview in August about her involvement on Long Live The Pimp and why it was important to protect his legacy when putting this project together.

“Real music and real shit,” Ms. Butler says. “Real people. Real lives. It’s the music and the interviews. The whole ‘why’ we are putting this together is because I want Chad to say certain things he was trying to say and educate people.”

The full Mass Appeal interview of Nas and Bun B speaking on Pimp C is as follows:

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