GLC worked with Kanye West on his breakthrough 2004 album, College Dropout

The Chicago rapper says he knows the reason the collection was so successful.

“That’s what made the College Dropout album so cold, because that [stuff] was the truth,” GLC says during an interview with Green Label for its “How To Perform Live, According To Producers For Kanye West And Jay Z.” “We were all really college dropouts. I really was focused back in the day. I really worked in the mall. I really hustled. Everything we talked about, it really happened.”

GLC also recounts a story of how his struggle with being an unsigned artist led to College Dropout cut “Spaceship.”

“My girl, she was telling me, ‘Man. If everyone wants to sign you, why you ain’t sign?’” GLC says in the Green Label story. “I told her, ‘It’s just not my time yet.’ Then I was thinking about my mom. She died December 21 and this was around the time my mom died, so I’m thinking about her. That’s where the line, ‘lost my momma, lost my mind’ came from. I was thinking about all the guys that I lost but I was like damn, I just got to overcome. I ain’t finna be messed up. I’m not going to be a product of my environment. I’m going to take this pain and make my environment a product of me. And that’s how ‘Spaceship’ came about.”

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