Chief Keef has had some triumphant moments in his career but also a lot of setbacks.

The latter has once again befell him as his contract with FilmOnTV has been “suspended,” according to Alki David, founder of the label.

Chief Keef’s contract was suspended 2 weeks ago because his management went off and did a tour without our approval. Not happy with the direction they are taking him,” David said via a statement to Vlad TV. “Same shit over and over,” he says. “Limiting his appeal to a wider audience and I’m not saying he should sell out, just be more prolific.”



The Chicago native signed his deal with FilmOn back in April. Anger has also been relayed regarding Keef’s associates, who the Billionaire label head calls shady: “[HE] ends up making unsanctioned videos with child sex traffickers,” he said referring to his ‘Let It Blow” video. “I don’t blame Keith – I blame his shady management – Keith is a fucking rap superstar.”

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