Maino says that Slim Jesus made a mistake.

“I think he messed up by saying that he not a gangsta’ and all that,” Maino says during an interview with DJ Smallz of Slim Jesus’ revelation that the music he makes does not reflect his lifestyle. “I was right there with it. I was right there with it. I was like, ‘Oh, shit.’ He had me.”

Maino says that he thought that Slim Jesus was putting in work in the streets given his “Drill Time” single, but that he was disappointed when Slim Jesus came clean about his background.

“The reason why it’s not funny to me is because, you know, they make all this hoopla about him and all he’s doing is mimicking real life artists that’s making the music out of their own pain,” Maino says. “So when them kids in Chicago [Drill rappers] was making that music, that come from their own culture and their own pain. ..They’re really living that. They’re really in situations where their friends is dying in front of them and they’re shooting and they running from the police and all that – and you not even doing none of that and you’re talking so crazy on this record? We gotta stop celebrating shit like that. Let’s not give that so much of a platform.”